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“Old World Craftsmanship, New World Ideas.”

Creating Custom Ornamental IronEnrich your surroundings with ornamental metalwork by Mueller Ornamental Iron Works.

Interior Work

Since 1933, Mueller Ornamental Iron Works has created custom interior metalwork using iron, bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel. You can choose from very ornate hand-forged railings and decorative gates to more modern horizontal line railings or glass rails. Metal rails can be designed and constructed with the greatest flexibility for all types of applications.

All of our work is created to occupy a unique position in your home, creating elegance and distinction that cannot be obtained with other materials.

Whether curved or straight, our rails are made to fit your stair. We offer several finishes from powder coatings to patinas, and custom finishes such as wire wheel and sand or shot blasting. The craftsmen at Mueller Iron use hand-hammered and hand-forged methods to create an elegant, unique, lasting impression.

Exterior Work

Exterior metalwork can serve to enrich your current exterior facade. Ironwork imparts a quiet richness and variety to a building and neighborhood. It is used on windows and doors for security, on stairs and balconies for safety, and around yards and flowerbeds for privacy and protection. Protect and beautify your home or business at the same time using ornamental metals.

Mueller Ornamental Iron Works creates driveway gates and fencing in the Old World tradition that will last a lifetime. By utilizing solid bar pickets and heavy gauge tubing posts, we create distinctive beauty along with security and protection.

Exterior metal work is more then just decorative, it serves to:
• Provide contrast in color
• Insure permanence and strength
• Impart interest and beauty
• Convey a unique, original design statement

Restoration / Home Furnishing

Since 1933, the skilled craftsmen of Mueller Ornamental Iron Works have given architectural metal new life by replicating and restoring classic pieces made of iron, brass, and aluminum for both exterior and interior applications. Metalwork expresses the interests and personality of the owner.

The restoration of fine architectural metal items is a personal commitment of the Mueller organization; our goal is to preserve the rich history and tradition of metalwork. Through restoration, we are given the opportunity to explore the past and apply Old World techniques to modern designs.

Add a touch of beauty to your home with custom furniture by Mueller Ornamental Iron Works. Make a lasting statement with custom hand-forged tables and chairs, bakers racks, pot racks, and sink bases. We create custom furniture using iron, bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel. A combination of metals can be used to develop a look of elegance and distinction. From modern to traditional, plain to ornate, we create fine custom furnishings for the home.

Multi-Family Residences

Add distinction to an apartment, townhouse, or condominium complex with custom railings and balconies. Railing systems including pipe rails and stainless steel cable rails have been utilized in a variety of environments, these are just two types of railing systems suitable for the commercial market. If you want a smooth contemporary look or a bold industrial application, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that your expectations are met.


The craftsmen of Mueller Iron Works are manufacturers of custom metalwork for all business and commercial contractors and their clients. Let Mueller Ornamental Iron Works incorporate custom ornamental metals into your commercial project. Ornamental metal is attractive, versatile, and adds security. A security system is just not enough to protect your investment. Give your business extra protection with iron fencing and window guards.

“Make a lasting impression with a unique twist”

Mueller Ornamental Iron will work with you to provide beauty and safety for your home or business. To schedule an on-site consultation, please contact us at 847.758.9941.

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